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Cameron McCormack

Tech lead Cameron couples broad technology expertise with experience from a range of industries – and not just as a software developer.

Prior to joining Softwire, he spent several years designing plants in the chemical industry. His work gradually moved from fluid dynamics and thermodynamics towards software development. This, he discovered, was his true passion, and led to him becoming part of the Softwire family.

He’s since gained an enviable breadth of tech experience, working with a variety of front- and back-end stacks, in organisations ranging from startups and small not-for-profits, to public sector agencies and large enterprises.

Cameron has also been Softwire’s elected tech officer, with responsibility to ‘make tech even more awesome at Softwire’. As part of this, he has organised and taken part in a variety of events, including a GPT hackathon, regular pizza and programming sessions, lunchtime talks, and a hardware day to give people the opportunity to try embedded systems programming.

And if you think you’ve seen Cameron before but can’t remember where, it might well have been at Glastonbury, where he has performed at the last six festivals, playing the saxophone!