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Rob Owen

Rob is a Data Engineering Principal at Softwire, and has been instrumental in the delivery of data engineering projects for Elexon, Zurich, and the Cabinet Office. He has deep expertise across a series of cloud-native technologies spanning Azure and AWS, and has extensive experience in designing and building large-scale data warehouses on platforms such AWS Redshift, which he has used in a variety of projects.

Prior to joining Softwire in 2017, Rob completed a D.Phil. in Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Oxford. As part of this research, he developed a computational model for groundwater chemistry using Python, and wrote tools to automate mass spectrometry data processing using Matlab and Python. This extended into a wider exploration of the Python ecosystem with a series of personal projects.

Most recently, he has led the Elexon Insights project, designing and building a cloud-native data platform in close collaboration with Elexon experts, delivering the beta release on-time and within budget in late 2021.

Before that, he built several AWS-based data platforms, including a project to develop a new Redshift data warehouse: provisioning infrastructure with Terraform, and using highly parallelised Kubernetes scheduled jobs to achieve high throughput for bulk ETL operations.