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Driving innovation in a highly competitive industry can be tough. If you’re struggling to take ideas through to prototyping and beyond for your digital projects, Softwire can help. We turn concepts into tangible products, at pace.

Innovation isn’t a luxury, it’s a must

More companies are using prototypes to help test-drive ideas in a fast and safe way whilst reducing costs. A demo of a digital product or service that tests assumptions and virtually explores a product before it is built can save time and money. Digital prototyping ensures that the product development is based on data rather than untested assumptions.

But knowing where to start when it comes to prototyping can be a minefield. How much time is needed? What exactly is the prototype for, and for who? What in-house expertise have we got, and what do we need? That’s why Softwire has created a brand new prototyping ebook, created specifically to help guide you through these challenges and is based on real-world best practices from our own experiences as digital engineering problem-solvers.

Get strategic prototyping insight covering:

How to scope correctly

3 critical factors to get your project off to a flyer

Finding the sweet spot for developing software

Explore the definitive prototype Venn diagram

Moving forward with your prototype

Plot a successful path from iteration to stakeholder sign-off to launch

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