Java 7 and Eclipse 3.7 Classic Plugin Incompatibility

4 November 2011, by

Recently, whilst using Eclipse Classic 3.7 and Java 7 we encountered an issue whereby installing new software from within Eclipse (Help->Install New Software) would fail.

Most of the time the installer would hang on “Calculating requirements and dependencies” as shown below:

Java7 Eclipse Installer Hanging

Sometimes this step would complete, but the installer would then fail at the next step – when actually installing the components.

We first noticed this when trying to install the Android SDK, but we found it was reproducible with other software plugins.

The solution was to downgrade from Java 7 to Java 6 update 27.

There are other known issues with Java 7 and Eclipse (e.g. so you may decide to remain with Java 6 for the time being.

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