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19 April 2013, by

The Guardian liked the idea of our Lunch and Learns so much that they added us to their Best Practice Exchange! You can see our entry here, or read it below.

At Softwire, we have always focused on productivity, including making sure that any time spent on training is value for money. So to pass information around the company without impacting on people’s work, we have set up what we call “lunch and learn” sessions. These are one hour informal training sessions, over a free lunch provided by our in-house chef. Employees take turns to talk about interesting technical challenges, new technologies or recent customer projects.

The benefits of these sessions are numerous. Two striking examples are passing on technical knowledge, which improves efficiency on other projects, and communicating about recent project successes to our business development team, who can then use this to explain what we can do to potential clients.

In May 2012, one of our senior developers gave a lunch and learn on a javascript platform called Node.js. Nick, one of our developers, was in the audience. He didn’t need to use this technology at the time, but a few months later when he moved projects he could get up to speed more quickly and explain the basics to his team as a result of attending the lunch and learn.

Later, in January this year, one of our project managers gave a short overview of a high profile project that she had delivered for a media client. Yemi from our business development team used the details of this project to demonstrate our commitment to high performance code and closed a new client for the company.

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