Meet #Gareth – Star of the Softwire Office.

24 September 2014, by

Softwire has a star in our midst… #Gareth, who became an internet sensation after being name-dropped repeatedly by Ed Miliband during his conference speech yesterday. Trending above Syria on Twitter, Gareth found himself at the centre of a media storm, culminating in a live interview from BBC’s Newsnight studio.

This whole story started a few weeks ago at the Softwire summer picnic, which just happened to be right next to a park bench on which Ed Miliband was sitting; writing a speech, he claims.  Gareth struck up a conversation and, among other things, voiced concerns about the unaffordability of London homes and how all but the richest are priced out of the market.

It turns out that Gareth must have made quite an impression.  During his speech to the labour party conference Ed repeatedly referenced Gareth’s comments to the point that, for many, Gareth was the only part of the speech that stuck in the mind.  Twitter and social media were flooded with speculation over Gareth’s whereabouts and it wasn’t too long before Gareth was identified as a Softwire employee, and tracked down by the media.

Talking to Gareth today he was keen to make his moment in the spotlight have a positive impact.  After discussing how best to do this, we settled on the idea of raising money for Shelter, the housing charity.  Shelter helps people with all sorts of issues relating to homelessness and its causes. Softwire has a long-standing policy of matching charitable donations made by employees and we have decided on this occasion to extend this to the general public. We will match any donations made up to a total of £5,000, which could see us sending £10,000 or more to this great cause.

You can make a donation here  Please help us make a real difference today!

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