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21 November 2011, by

CiprianI am currently doing a summer internship at Softwire, and then going back to university for the final year of my course (a 3 year Computer Science course at University of Manchester).

Before starting at Softwire, all of my previous programming experience was from university and high-school projects. In particular, I hadn’t worked on a ‘real’ software development project before. It turns out that these offer very different challenges to academic projects but can be really enjoyable to work on.

Working on such projects at Softwire proved to myself that this is what I want to do in the future – I really want to follow a career in software development.

During my internship I have worked on two projects. The first one was an external project, involving rewriting an existing website for a major media organisation (and yes, with a Softwire internship, you can work on large projects from the beginning). This project used a variety of technologies with the most important ones being Java, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, MVC, Zend and Spring.

I was part of a team of five people, all highly qualified. Everyone in the team, and in fact people at Softwire in general, was really friendly and helpful whenever I needed any advice. This support allowed me to understand and contribute to the project quickly, which could have been difficult as it had begun before I joined. The customer was very satisfied with our final product, and I was able to make a big contribution to the project.

My second project was working on an internal application, used by Softwire employees to record their career progress. This project was originally written a year ago by another intern, and this summer we were adding additional features to the project.

The technology for this project was quite different to my previous one, and included several that I hadn’t worked with before, such as ASP.NET and WCF. Again, I received a lot of support from my colleagues to allow me to pick these up quickly.

My overall experience of working at Softwire was just great. I have really enjoyed working here, it is a very friendly and fun environment with lots of morale events (organised social events). It is also a very professional environment to work in. Someone is always available to answer any questions that you have.

Another thing I particularly liked about my internship was the variety. Every project is challenging, and you are given the chance (even encouraged) to switch between different technologies, and different projects.

This ensures that you can never get bored, and also allows you to gain experience in a number of different areas. I really have learnt a lot of new things during my internship, and have gained valuable insight into professional software development.

I have had a great time working here, and have been convinced that this is the environment I would like to work in.

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