Things you might see around Softwire: Ducks

11 March 2012, by

There are some new additions to the Softwire office. We expect these new recruits to help us with software development, without saying anything!

A Softwire-branded rubber duck

It’s long been known that the very act of explaining a problem out loud can, by itself, be enough to solve it. So we’re asking our developers to explain their problems (with their code, their customers or anything else) to their duck in the first instance. If this is successful we’ll save a fortune on task managers.

If anyone’s sceptical, my favourite benefit of “rubber ducking” is this one. Rubber ducks don’t gossip about your private problems with other rubber ducks.

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7 Responses to “Things you might see around Softwire: Ducks”

  1. Greg says:

    Luckily we don’t use furbies, which _do_ gossip about your problems with other furbies…

  2. Rinat says:

    How can I get one of these fab rubber ducks to be added to my collection? currently over 3000 unique ducks!

  3. Chris Harris says:

    Hi Rinat, we should be able to manage that! We’ll drop you an email.

  4. Rinat says:

    YAY! thanks so much. replied.

  5. Chris Harris says:

    That’s a mighty fine duck collection you have there Rinat – we’re honoured to be part of it :-)

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