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29 August 2013, by

Haden Spence

I applied to Softwire so late in my second year at Oxford that sadly, by the time I reached the interview stage, there were no places left for me that summer.  Instead, I was accepted for an internship after my third year.  So I had a year for the anticipation to build.  A friend of mine spent that year telling me how incredible the experience is; raising my expectations further!  I was not disappointed; my seven weeks here have been better than I could have ever imagined.

Those seven weeks at Softwire have gone by far too fast; every day has been great fun.  I’m a maths student, but have always had a keen interest in computing, so it’s great to be able to apply myself fully to what is otherwise ‘just’ a hobby.  The work is always a challenge, but if it ever gets too much, the support structure is something Softwire have spent a lot of time working on.  It is impossible to stray too far, with your team and managers looking after you.

Softwire place a strong focus on personal development.  Indeed it would be hard not to learn a massive amount during your time here – everyone in the office is always free to help anyone else, be it by running an educational lunch or whiteboard session, or helping with a specific problem.  The time spent on peer-to-peer training is always enjoyable, and the skills learnt are invaluable even if your career path leads you to something other than software development.

With the challenging work, the personal development time and the time spent looking after interns, you might think there’s no time for relaxation at Softwire.  You’d be wrong.  Whatever your area of interest, from music, to retro (and not so retro) console gaming, to pub trips, to picnics, to pool; Softwire offers many opportunities to help fill your spare time.  More to the point, they ensure you have that spare time!  Softwire are incredibly flexible; you can always fit in some recreation.  The man-sized inflatable dinosaur is just a bonus.

It is hard to articulate what a great time I’ve had here.  Challenging, fascinating work, with an awesome group of people, an amazingly supportive and relaxed atmosphere, and constant opportunities for learning and play.  For anyone with the slightest interest in the area, I thoroughly recommend an internship with Softwire.

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