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20 September 2012, by

So what does a company of software developers do in its free time? Well sometimes the answer is “write more code for fun”. To this end Softwire recently held a Battleships tournament. The competition consisted of writing a bot that implemented a particular battleships playing interface. All the bots were then played off against each other in a league format. Each match in the league was a best of 100 games series. A new bot was instantiated for each match, but the same bot played all 100 games within a match. This meant that some bots were able to learn from their opponent’s earlier games to try and do better as the match went on.

The tournament itself was made up of three two week rounds and was kicked off with an evening of beer, pizza, and coding. A league was run at the end of each round and the top ten players were awarded tournament points. After the third round the player with the most tournament points became the overall winner.