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Ice Skating at Somerset House

12 January 2016, by

As is becoming increasingly traditional, just before Christmas Softwire took a winter trip ice skating to Somerset House.

The turnout was record breaking – 33 of us (plus a smattering of guests) opted in, and all headed off one Monday afternoon to the rink. Not only that, but the group consisted of a great spread of people, from new starters, the members of the sales and admin team, developers – the MD even came along! Though most surprisingly, most of us managed to stay upright the whole time! (I may withhold my own records, there…)

While it might not have been a great winter all round (too warm and wet for my liking, though I may regret saying that in the weeks to come), we were blessed by perfect weather, and ended up skating around the rink as the sun set. Afterwards, most of us headed back out for hot drinks and a warm room, with a few finally peeling off to share a dinner of the most Christmassy food – burritos.

Happy new year from Softwire!


24 Pull Requests: The Hackathon

18 December 2015, by

We at Softwire care about open-source, and for the last 3 years every December we’ve been very involved in 24 Pull Requests, an initiative to encourage people to give back to the open-source community in the 24 days of advent up to Christmas.

That’s still ongoing (although we’re doing great so far, and watch this space for details once we’re done), but this year we decided to kick it up a notch further, and run an internal full-day hackathon, which we recently ran, on the 7th. This came with free holiday for employees (with 1/2 a day of holiday from our morale budget and 1/2 a day from our holiday charity matching scheme), to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved, and prizes for the first 3 contributions and the best 3 contributions (judged at the end).

The Softwire team enjoy a good breakfast

We kicked the day off with a cooked breakfast buffet at 9, following a brief bit of warm up and setup, and then a team stand-up with the 20 or so participants. Everybody quickly went round and outlined what they were looking at (or what they wanted, if they didn’t have an idea), so people doing similar things could find each other, and people with more enthusiasm than specific plans could find inspiration or other people to pair with and help out. And from there, we’re off!

We then managed to get the first prizes for the 3 pull requests all claimed by 11.30, with Rob Pethick adding in missing resources in Humanizer, Hereward Mills removing some unused code from Cachet, and Dan Corder moving AssertJ from JUnit parameterized tests to JUnitParams (quickly followed by a stream more of PRs coming in just slightly behind).

This pace then accelerated further through the afternoon, as people found projects and got more set up, resulting in a very impressive 46 pull requests total by the end of the day (taking us to a total of 89 for the month so far).

These covered all sorts of projects and languages, and included changes like:

Plus a whole range of other interesting and slightly larger changes, along with the many small typo fixes, documentation updates, setup instruction fixes and so on that are so important in really making open-source projects polished, reliable and usable.

Finally, the most credit must of course go to our winning three pull requests of the day:

  1. Adding some detailed and fiddly tests for various statistical distributions in jStat, and fixing the bugs that they found too, by David Simons
  2. Fixing a tricky Sequelize bug, to support column removal with MSSQL DBs, by Michael Kearns
  3. Improving the accuracy of error highlighting in the output of the TypeScript compiler (despite neither knowing the compiler or even the language beforehand), by Iain Monro

Our team hard at work

Great work all around. We enjoyed an excellent day of open-sourcing, made a lot of progress, and we’re now in a great place to do more and more open-source over the coming weeks, and beyond once 24PRs is complete.

We’re now up to 96 pull requests in total, and counting, and we’re hoping to keep making progress up the 24PRs teams leaderboard as it continues!

Watch this space for more updates on the tools we’ve been working on and interesting changes we’ve been making, or follow us on twitter for extra details.