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Softwire’s Tech Workshops

9 July 2015, by

This year Softwire have started hosting events focussed on achieving success in the software industry. Our first event held in March focussed on getting the right talent into your tech team, particularly how to attract younger developers who are keen to expand their knowledge. Our most recent event looked at successful project delivery and how to achieve this on every project.
We had three great speakers come along to present their ideas on the topic.

Kicking off the afternoon, Johnathan Rigby from Fourth sditchpresented his ideas on motivating technical people. He was followed by Rachel Davies from Unruly, who shared some of the ideas her teams use to handle continuous delivery of their products. She presented all the aspects of extreme agile development that they use to keep their products up to date in a rapidly changing tech environment, including pairing and mob development. Finally Alex Wolff from Softwire who talked about making sure you take your projects in the right direction and the need for flexibility when handling an agile project.

Our special guest Bill Thompson hosted the afternoon, also chairing a panel discussion during which the audience were able to present their ideas about successful project delivery as well as getting more specific input from our speakers.

The event was packed out, with attendees coming from the IT departments of many companies across London. Having enjoyed the talks and time for discussion, we ended the afternoon with informal networking and a chance to enjoy the scenery at Shoreditch House. We’re looking forward to hosting more similar events later in the year.

Whisky & Chocolate Networking Event

25 April 2014, by

Photo courtesy of March Softwire threw their first official networking event at Shoreditch House for people in the technology industry. The event was aimed at IT professionals from big companies across London – as an opportunity to network with each other, but also to meet some of Softwire’s fantastic team.

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Softwire is our company culture. We place a huge emphasis on making Softwire a great place to work, and that’s something which isn’t just relevant to candidates applying for a career here, but also to clients who want to work with us. It’s the simple mind-set of happy staff equals happy customers and we thought our first networking event was a great forum to get this message across.

The event itself centred on a whisky and chocolate tasting, led by world renowned whisky expert Colin Dunn and our very own ex-pastry chef Amy – now a member of our sales team. Colin, a performer through and through, led the crowd through a selection of four whiskies ranging from the well rounded, mellow Singleton Sunray to the peaty, fruity punch of a Talisker Port Ruighe. Each whisky was paired with an artisanal chocolate: two from the world renowned masters Valrhona and Amedei alongside exciting bars from their more recently established British counterparts Artisan du Chocolat and Duffy Red Star.

The entertainment definitely offered some great talking points, and the whisky itself certainly made that often fearsome practice of networking a little easier. There was a great variety of companies present on the evening, from international banks like Barclays to media moguls like the BBC and people stayed late into the night enjoying the spread laid on by Pizza East and taking the opportunity to chat with other people from the technology industry.

The aim of the evening was to show off Softwire’s incredible company culture and we certainly pulled it off. Everyone from our own developers to our wonderful guests left with a smile of their face, and some warm whisky in their belly. Plans are already underway to throw a second, bigger and even better event later in the year!