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Ice Skating at Somerset House

12 January 2016, by

As is becoming increasingly traditional, just before Christmas Softwire took a winter trip ice skating to Somerset House.

The turnout was record breaking – 33 of us (plus a smattering of guests) opted in, and all headed off one Monday afternoon to the rink. Not only that, but the group consisted of a great spread of people, from new starters, the members of the sales and admin team, developers – the MD even came along! Though most surprisingly, most of us managed to stay upright the whole time! (I may withhold my own records, there…)

While it might not have been a great winter all round (too warm and wet for my liking, though I may regret saying that in the weeks to come), we were blessed by perfect weather, and ended up skating around the rink as the sun set. Afterwards, most of us headed back out for hot drinks and a warm room, with a few finally peeling off to share a dinner of the most Christmassy food – burritos.

Happy new year from Softwire!