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Tips for Managing Technical People – Productive Time is Money

26 August 2014, by

The following is an excerpt from my new book, “Galvanizing the Geeks – Tips for Managing Technical People”. You can buy the full book on my website, here.

Time management is important

Time is money. Sometimes people take a while to work this out – or completely fail to take it into account – when planning. In software teams it is not so often forgotten. If you work for a software services company, you can’t but notice the amount you could be charging to a client for your time – or, if it’s you that’s charging the time, then your client will certainly notice! This culture extends to other software departments too, although there teams are often managed more by deadlines – it’s less ‘time is money’ and more ‘there isn’t enough time in the day’.

In a senior role you don’t have the luxury of squandering your own time. There are countless things that you need to do, and you need to be ruthless in setting your priorities. When you’re working every hour you can find and fighting so hard to fit everything in, it becomes really tempting to try to squeeze more out of your developers. Why are they playing pool? They could be coding up that extra feature for you. Are they optimising their email-reading around their coding? Should they be working on this piece of code today, and that other tomorrow?