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Building a Positive Workplace Culture

Attracting and retaining good people with great skills is essential to business success. With unprecedented demand for technical skills, however, this requires a strategic commitment to people management that is a world away from the hierarchical approach of the past.

With tech talent incredibly thin on the ground – in the UK and globally – retaining top talent must be more than a line in the corporate strategy. As many companies are discovering, adding a chill-out zone to a great salary is not enough if the day-to-day working experience is neither happy nor fulfilling. A lack of commitment to creating the right working environment and nurturing talent leads to employee haemorrhage which is actively hindering performance and growth.

Since its inception, Softwire has recognised the importance of creating a great workplace culture. The guide covers five key areas;

  • Perks
  • Trust
  • Work
  • Career
  • Purpose

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