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How to optimise your cloud platforms

Cloud is now inevitable in almost every digital initiative. But getting the most out of Cloud can be difficult and doing it wrong can lead to more problems than it solves. Recent research shows that two thirds of organisations have yet to realise the full benefits of their cloud platforms. For its latest masterclass, Softwire teamed up with Mitesh Patel, Founder and MD of Fifosys, to share their perspectives on how to get the most out of the Cloud. Here are some of the key questions and takeaways:

What are the common problems of cloud optimisation?

  • Analysis paralysis: There are so many different components and modules of Cloud you can spend a lot of time thinking and planning, at some point you just need to get started.
  • Lack of skills: People get used to existing processes and can fear change. But attitude and openness to try new ways of working is often more important than having a specific skillset.
  • Business buy-in: Build the business case from the outset to ensure buy-in from business stakeholders. Ask stakeholders to consider what is the impact if we do not do it and continue to scale as we are?

How do we avoid increasing complexity in our application portfolios?

  • Learn to manage complexity rather than avoid it: Often when you give people more powerful tools, they use the extra capacity to do more, which can lead to increased complexity, but also innovation.

Are the significant cost savings often promised actually realised?

  • Like for like there is always a cost-saving when moving to the Cloud but cost shouldn’t be the entire business case. If you want to realise cost savings then you need to control consumption and usage.
  • It’s also about the move from a CapEx model to an OpEx model.

How can businesses harness and utilise the additional data?

  • Don’t be led by the data: Ensure you’re answering specific questions about your business.
  • Think ahead and ask yourself; what questions do I need to answer about my business and what data do I need to be able to do this?

What are the processes and tools available to help with cloud security?

  • Get the basics right: Ensure you have multi-factor authentication enabled across the platforms you are using. Many organisations are not using the security features they are already paying for.
  • Introduce MDM: Mobile device management is increasingly key as people are now working more remotely.

Results from the masterclass poll showed that:

Nearly everyone who joined is either already designing and developing in the Cloud or working towards cloud-native. Only 13% are still in the process of migrating.

Thanks to Mitesh Patel from Fifosys, Dan Waters and Richard Bradley from Softwire and host Zoe Cunningham for an insight-packed masterclass, catch up with the recording below.

What are Softwire Masterclasses?

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