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Masterclass: ‘How tech leaders can drive project success remotely.’ What you missed and why you should sign up to the next one.

Driving project success in a fully remote environment has never been so important. An agile, flexible approach has transitioned from being a nicety to a necessity. Businesses of all sizes in every sector have adopted a remote way of working – many are balancing the fluctuating, unpredictable demand of consumers with unreliable supply chains and workforce availability.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the latest masterclass:

Softwire started the session by asking attendees to answer a poll: What has impacted your projects most during the COVID-19 pandemic? 58% of people said that they found communication as the biggest challenge. Let’s see what the speakers for this masterclass suggest on how to help with this.

First steps for managing your products since the pandemic hit:

  • Ensure your team are empowered and able to make decisions to keep projects running
  • Make sure your teams feel safe and have all they need to do their job remotely
  • Work out challenges and run stress tests, e.g. stress testing your VPNs
  • Gather feedback from teams to highlight what is working and what isn’t
  • Keep up communication with your team and having regular check-ins

They also discussed a recent project and spoke about how to move and adapt products and projects to meet current market demands whilst still ensuring everyone is safe.

Other areas covered:

  • Scenario risk and strategy planning, focusing on what you can control and what you can mitigate
  • Communicating and sharing plans is key to ensuring your team feels involved and connected
  • Being proactive and aware of the landscape around you
  • Bus factor and single point of failure – what this means and how you can implement it
  • Upskilling teams and knowledge sharing and why this is important

Tools to support with project management:

  • Zoom
  • Fun retro
  • Tools for sprint estimation
  • Miro
  • Slack

Don’t worry if you missed the masterclass, you can listen to the full recording above at your convenience. This was our second masterclass and we more lined up, check out what’s next on our event page.

What are Softwire Masterclasses?

Softwire have launched a series of interactive, 15-minute masterclasses to help with those socialising cravings and to provide the industry with insights and tools for ensuring companies are supported throughout these unprecedented times. Attendees will not only get to see some new faces, but they will also receive expert advice on adapting and working in an agile way to help them keep on track for success. These short, interactive sessions are designed to be a quick burst of knowledge that doesn’t disrupt day-to-day activities.

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