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Softwire gets a ‘world-class’ rating for employee engagement and is ranked in three Best Companies awards lists

Digital engineering and innovation agency, Softwire, has won three Best Companies awards and secured a ‘world-class’ rating for employee engagement.

Softwire, the digital design and software engineering agency, has been recognised in three major awards in the prestigious 2022 Best Companies Lists. The Best Companies lists, formerly the Sunday Times Best Companies lists, rank organisations based on feedback from their employees, which they submit confidentially to the organisers.

Softwire ranked as the 3rd best businesses in the Technology sector. At a regional level, Softwire ranked as London’s 8th best large company, and at a national level, ranked as the UK’s 7th best large company to work for, in Q4 2022. In addition, we gained a 3-Star accreditation, recognising Softwire as a ‘World-Class Company to Work For’ in 2022.

The position we achieved was alongside some very big names in the industry and we’re proud of our employees and grateful for our excellent clients.

Coming top in the ranking lists awards

Overall, Softwire won 3 awards in ranking lists.

  • Nationally, Softwire came 7th in ‘The UK’s Q4 Best Large Companies to Work For’ in 2022.

In addition to the national ranking, 2022 saw the launch of regional and sector-specific listings:

  • Regionally, Softwire came 8th in ‘London’s Top 25 Best Large Companies to Work For’ in Q4 2022.
  • In Technology sector rankings, Softwire came 3rd in the ‘Technology sector’s Q4 Best Companies to Work For’ 2022.

Andrew Thomas, Managing Director, said:

“As MD, I am so proud to receive these awards, given the challenges of the last couple of years. We work extremely hard to create an environment that attracts and retains the best and brightest in the industry, provide them with exciting careers and the freedom and opportunity to grow and to use their talents.

“Also, to be named the second top technology company to work for across the UK is a huge credit to everyone at Softwire helping us achieve this success.”

Achieving the highest standard of workplace engagement

In addition to its position in the Best Companies Lists, Softwire also achieved:

  • A 3-Star accreditation recognising Softwire as a ‘World-Class Company to Work For’ in 2022.

This award is given to companies that demonstrate the highest standard of workplace engagement. Softwire’s accreditation is based on its BCI score, which is generated by the survey all employees filled in.

Chris Harris, Director of People and Culture at Softwire, said:

“We’ve had over 20 years to embed our cultural values, which underpin this success. By establishing a strong foundation in employee engagement we’ve been able to come through the last year in such great shape.

“The benefits of engagement are clear: when we have a loyal workforce that sees solutions where others see problems, and that feels empowered, energised, and supported in doing whatever’s needed, we can deliver extraordinary results for our employees, customers, and for the business.”

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