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Sarah Binney

Sarah is a Technical Principal who’s worked with LNER, BBC, UK Government and Channel 5 to connect robust, reliable tech with exceptional customer experiences across web, Android and iOS.

She’s worked frontline support and incident management for some high profile services as well as leading legacy modernisation projects, discoveries and prototyping. Her technical specialisms include AWS, C#, Java, Node, TS, React, Angular and CSS.

Most recently she has headed up technical teams delivering flagship projects such as a payment service provider migration and a customer signon overhaul (introducing social sign-in and guest checkout) to LNER.

She has also led Softwire’s CSR programme for three terms, overseeing thousands of hours of volunteering and pro bono work and a lot of fundraising (she forgets the exact number).

In her spare time she likes making puzzles, usually out of slightly too many horribly cannibalised Raspberry Pis.