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Sasha Burgoyne

Sasha’s passion is helping elevate others around her, enabling them to achieve their potential and celebrating their achievements and skills.

These are things she gets to do on a daily basis in her role looking after Softwire’s Academy. This part of the business runs our apprenticeship scheme, as well as the TechSwitch career-change programme, which Sasha was instrumental in setting up.

“I’m so proud we’ve created a means for individuals to return to work or switch career in a supported environment, focused on those who may have thought this industry wasn’t for them, until they found us,” she says. “It’s an incredible thing when course learners tell me it’s changed their lives.”

Sasha cites the variety of things she’s done since joining Softwire as one of the reasons she loves it here. The other big one is the people. She says she’d trust everyone in the company with her most precious work project, and know they’d do an amazing job.

In between helping people break into the tech sector, Sasha’s a bit of a video games addict. She confesses to playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate pretty much every lunchtime, and has been spotted dressed as characters from Dungeons & Dragons at ComicCon.

Her other claim to fame is a European Cup bronze medal – in quidditch. (The broomsticks they use aren’t actually magic ones, much to Sasha’s disappointment. Because if she could have a super power, she says, it would unquestionably be flying.)