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Masterclass: ‘Tackling remote user testing’ – what you missed and why you should sign up for the next one

Remote user testing is an integral part of the product development cycle and the key to launching successful products and services. Softwire have used remote user testing on a number of occasions. The most recent examples are Ofgem, Royal Opera House and for the Dept of Business Energy and Efficiency.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the latest masterclass

Advantages and tips of remote user testing:

  • Scalability and global reach: create statistically significant sample groups
  • Cost reduction: in-person testing and focus groups often incur additional costs, such as travel
  • Convenience and accessibility: No need to travel when testing is remote, which enables easy access for all participants, including participants with access needs, (cognitive or physical disability). This can increase a more diverse group of participants
  • Ease of conversation from familiar environment: especially in current circumstances testers are willing to talk and interact on virtual calls

Disadvantages of remote user testing and how to overcome them:

  • Testing performance dependent on technology reliability and connection
    • Ensure you complete a test run of the session or ask the users to trial their access before the session, testing on different browsers and ensuring they have a sufficient connection
  • Biased results towards users dependent on technology skillset
    • Users who are more experienced with tech could impact on your results so ensure you find out participants tech knowledge to ensure your results are not biased

Sample sizes and tooling:

  • Important to be adaptable and flexible

Tooling and open source options available:

Don’t worry if you missed the masterclass, you can listen to the full recording above at your convenience. As this was our first masterclass in our knowledge-sharing role, we’re open to ideas. If there’s a specific topic you’re interested in and would like us to cover, ping us an email and we’ll add it to our programme.

What are Softwire Masterclasses?

Softwire have launched a series of interactive, 15-minute masterclasses to help with those socialising cravings and to provide the industry with insights and tools for ensuring companies are supported throughout these unprecedented times. Attendees will not only get to see some new faces, but they will also receive expert advice on adapting and working in an agile way to help them keep on track for success. These short, interactive sessions are designed to be a quick burst of knowledge that doesn’t disrupt day-to-day activities.

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