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Frida Tveit

Frida Tveit

I did a 4-week internship with Softwire in the summer following my second year of computer science at Cambridge. Having never done any kind of internship before, I was prepared for everything being quite scary and difficult at first. However, everyone at Softwire made me feel welcome and relaxed from day one.

In the first few weeks we carried out various coding challenges as well as learning about different programming languages. We were always allowed to work at our own pace and help was always at hand if we needed it. We were also introduced to pair programming, which I thought would be intimidating, but which was actually great fun. It made me more productive and more confident as I was coding.

In the last two weeks we worked on an internal project for Softwire. It was amazing to watch it develop, every day getting closer and closer to the final product. We got a lot of freedom to decide ourselves what we wanted it to look like, and independence to work on our own until we needed help or we were ready to put the code up for review. This was a great way to learn what it is like to work in a team on a larger project.

Even back when I was interviewing with Softwire, or even just looking at their website, I knew they were different from any other software company I had encountered. I can’t imagine a more friendly, fair and fun place to work. Where else would interns be allowed to get a Dalek and a giant otter to decorate their workspace, just because?? I enjoyed my time at Softwire immensely, as I believe anyone else would.