Max Daniline

Senior Consulant

Max left Cambridge University in 2009 with a shiny degree in Mathematics. Since then he has worked in a variety of roles as a developer of server, desktop and web applications. For a bit of variety he also spent a brief stint as a risk assurance associate for a large financial service company.

Since working up to Senior Consulant at Softwire, he been at the technical helm of a number of successful projects using a variety of programming languages, concepts and frameworks

These included a number of cloud-based projects, working both as a developer, tech lead and consultant.

  • Development of an AWS-based real-time data processing system. It consisted of several microservices with various performance requirements and heavily leveraged both SQS and SNS for inter-service communication.
  • Migration of an old, in-house system for document processing into Azure.
  • Oversight of introduction of automated systems for project development, testing and deployment in both AWS and Azure.
  • Design and architecture of a Google Cloud-based service to automatically catalogue and standardise medical images from a number of proprietary scanners for an NHS trust.

He is also a qualified AWS Solutions Architect

For fun, Max partakes in climbing, gymnastics and was part of a squad to get first place at the British national cheerleading championship. He also has an interest in the technical side of development of video games.